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We have a growing number of Catalan books – Catalan poetry and prose, including work by writers from Valencia and the Balearics. In particular, we are proud of our list of women Catalan writers, Maria-Mercè Marçal, Montserrat Abelló, Noèlia Diaz Vicedo and (coming 2019) Clementina Arderiu and Dolors Miquel. All include English translations.

  • Front cover of A’ Ruith Eadar Dà Dhràgon Running Between Two Dragons Corrent Entre Dos Dracs Rhedeg Rhwng Dwy Ddraig by Màrtainn Mac an t-Saoir / Martin MacIntyre

    In this unique, award-winning collection, Màrtainn Mac an t-Saoir leads us on a compelling, lyrical and closely-observed journey to Catalonia, Wales and Mallorca. The time-span, 2019–20, tells of a world and ways of living poised to change overnight.

  • Front cover of Eye of Reality / L’Ull de la Realitat Poems in Catalan by Xavier Panadès i Blas

    This new collection of poems confronts the issues of human loneliness, social injustice, war, domestic abuse and the destruction of the natural world

  • Front cover of Witch in Mourning Bruixa de dol by Maria-Mercè Marçal

    With an introduction by Noèlia Díaz Vicedo

  • The Volcano El Volca Poems by Anna Dodas

    Anna Dodas’ poems communicate, with terrible urgency, both pain and wonder, mystery and absolute clarity, love and dread

  • Cover of Parallel Rivers Selected Poems by Màrius Torres

    This is joy – to be a bird, passing through the sky where a storm left forceful peace.

    This is death – to close your eyes, to hear the silence as when the music begins.

  • Front cover of The Passion according to Renée Vivien by Maria-Mercè Marçal

    Contains the most beautiful prose I’ve ever read in Catalan

    Anna Murià, novelist and translator

  • Front cover of The Compound Heart by Clementina Arderiu

    In this first Selection of Clementina Arderiu’s work to be published in English, we encounter a Catalan poet who is both classic and startlingly modern.

  • Front cover of Truck Driver Haikus by Dolors Miquel

    “A haiku is so short that it gives you no time to reflect. It’s just an impression. I don’t want to talk about grand emotions in a world full of washing machines. No lyrical images. Only punches. ”

    – Dolors Miquel

  • Front cover of L’orella de l’eternitat / The Ear of Eternity by Xavier Panadès i Blas

    L’orella de l’eternitat / The Ear of Eternity is a striking collection of poetry in Catalan with translations into English, that explores the world of the Catalan exile.

  • Unsleeping Sphere by Marius Sampere

    A modern long poem in the tradition of A. R. Ammons, Allen Ginsberg or John Ashbery published in the original Catalan together with English translation by D. Sam Abrams.

  • Salt, Catalan Poetry Book Front Cover

    The first collection of award-winning Catalan poet, playwright, fiction writer and translator, Ponç Pons’ work to be translated into English.

  • Josafat Book Cover

    A first English translation of a classic of Catalan modernism. From its first publication in 1906 this story of the sacrilegious love between Josafat, the bell-ringer and caretaker of Girona Cathedral, and Fineta, the prostitute, has shocked and enthralled generations of Catalan readers. It eventually led to its author and family being hounded out of Girona.

  • Bloody Roots – Book Front Cover

    A collection of poems that engage with the Western poetic tradition from a feminist perspective and explore the challenges a woman faces when she writes poetry, published in Catalan with English translations.

  • The Body's Reason – Poems in Catalan

    The Body’ Reason is the first book by Catalan poet Mari-Mercè Marçal to be translated into English. She is a key figure in Catalan poetry of the post-Franco era, who was actively engaged in the transition to democracy and the emergence of a feminist movement in Spain. Hers is a uniquely challenging voice expressing a distinctive Catalan gendered perspective.

  • Fifty love Poems Book Cover
    With a preface by Helena Buffery

    Fifty Love Poems is a collection of fifty poems about love in its various guises, ranging from erotic love and tenderness for missing loved ones to the passion for life and writing.