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  • Front cover of the book The Other Emmeline The Story of Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence

    This book traces the trajectory of Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence’s life as she navigates the struggle for women’s votes, for peace and for women’s rights in the turbulent years before, during and after the First World War

  • Front cover of Communities of Resistance Conscience and Dissent in Britain during the First World War by Cyril Pearce

    ‘an astonishing piece of scholarship… fascinating’ – Bruce Kent

    Cyril Pearce’s long-awaited study of resistance to the First World War in communities in England, Scotland and Wales.

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  • The Promontory People Book Cover

    The Promontory People tells the story of the ancient Cornish people as it has never been told before, using up-to-date archaeological, archaeo-linguistic and genetic research.

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  • National Identities at the Crossroads Cover

    This book collects a selection of articles developed from the most inspiring presentations at the XV Forum for Iberian Studies. Here, the concepts of Nation and Identity are analysed from the literary, theatrical and filmic points of view.

  • The East End my Birthright

    A memoir of Albert Turpin’s remarkable life illustrated by Turpin’s paintings and drawings as well as cuttings, posters and photographs.

  • Forever in Galicia

    Forever in Galicia is the most extensive account of Galician identity ever written, an idiosyncratic text that spans and erodes the traditional genres of memoir, political treatise, historical essay and revisionist analysis.

  • The Commissar Vanishes Book Cover
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    New edition, enlarged and revised including 118 new images

    Sinister, tragic and often farcical, the images reproduced in this book draw the reader into a world of political surrealism that offers a harsh warning from the past about what is still happening in the present.

  • The York Chasseurs – A Condemned Regiment of george III Book Cover

    The York Chasseurs were an expendable corps of ‘Serial Deserters’, dispatched to survive or die on the pestilential islands of the West Indies, where 26 per cent successfully deserted and 30 per cent perished.

    In this unique study Pete Lines examines in detail every aspect of the regiment: its composition, its involvement in the capture of the island of Guadeloupe; the desertions and punishments; and its eventual disbandment in Canada.

  • Victor Serge Collected Writings on Literature and Revolution
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    This book gathers together for the first time the bulk of Victor Serge’s literary criticism from the 1920s to the 1950s, giving the reader an invaluable contemporary account of the debates about the production of literature in a socialist society.

  • The New Civilisation Book Cover

    This book covers a vast range of material published in Britain, from the far left to the far right, on all aspects of the Soviet Union during 1929–1941.

  • Marx and Anglo-Russian Relations Book Cover

    One of Russia’s greatest Marxist scholars, examines with an appreciative but critical eye the works of Marx and Engels on the problems of Eastern Europe.

  • Murder, Mutiny and the Military

    Gerry Rubin describes and analyses over twenty court martial cases involving British and colonial forces between 1940 and 1966.

  • London's Water Wars by John Graham-Leigh

    The story of the fierce competition in the nineteenth century among the New River, Chelsea, Grand Junction, East London, West Middlesex, York Buildings and other water companies to supply water to London, and how it frequently left customers without water, competitors with their pipes dug up and the companies themselves at the brink of ruin.

  • Fire insurance Records Book Cover
    With a foreword by Brian R G Henham


  • Clandestine marriages Volume 3

    This volume is the third in a series of transcriptions of the registers of clandestine marriages which took place in and around the Fleet Prison in London between 1680 and 1754.

  • Clandestine Marriages Volume 2

    This volume is the second in a series of transcriptions of the registers of clandestine marriages which took place in and around the Fleet Prison in London between 1680 and 1754.