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  • The East End my Birthright

    The East End – My Birthright

    , , , , £20.00

    A memoir of Albert Turpin’s remarkable life illustrated by Turpin’s paintings and drawings as well as cuttings, posters and photographs.

  • Mrs Sherwood Biography Book Cover

    Mrs Sherwood ‘So Rich in Children’

    , £17.99

    A biography of the 19th Century children’s writer Mrs M. M. Sherwood (1775–1851) with excerpts from Captain Sherwood’s diaries


  • Displaced by War Book Cover

    Displaced by War

    , , £14.99

    During the First World War, June 1915 to December 1919, Gertrude Powicke spent time with the Society of Friends for their relief efforts in France, then Poland, working among the civilian victims of war. She recorded events, people and experiences and her reactions to them, for her family’s benefit, but also as an act of analysis and self-examination.

  • Richard G. Jenkin – A Great Son of Cornwall

    Richard G. Jenkin – A Great Son of Cornwall

    , £12.50

    From the 1950s through to the 1990s, Richard Jenkin was at the very centre of Cornish cultural and political life and an important figure in the revival of Cornish consciousness. This book features examples of Jenkin’s writings, both poetry and prose, and reminiscences and tributes from personal friends and colleagues as well as original essays about various aspects of his work for Cornwall and the wider Celtic world.

  • Campaigning for the Vote Book Cover

    Campaigning for the Vote

    , , £14.99

    Campaigning for the Vote tells, in her own words, the efforts of a working suffragist to convert the men and women of England to the cause of women’s suffrage.

  • Yes Papa! Mrs Chapone and The Bluestocking Circle

    Yes Papa!

    , £14.99

    With a preface by Dr Elizabeth Eger of King’ College, London.

    Barbara Eaton’s fascinating study is the first full length biography to set Chapone among her contemporaries.

  • Henry Richard – Apostle of Peace Book Cover
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    Henry Richard


    Reprinting: Available March 2019

    Henry Richard was the secretary of the Peace Society from 1848 to 1886, an unconditional pacifist when the British Empire was at the height of its aggressive powers.

  • Setting Cornwall on its Feet 842px

    Setting Cornwall on its feet

    , £12.50

    This collection of essays celebrates the life and work of Robert Morton Nance (Mordon), artist, folklorist, writer, maritime historian, founder of the Old Cornwall Societies and Grand Bard of the Cornish Gorsedd.

  • Marcel Martinet poet of the Revolution

    Marcel Martinet

    , , £12.50

    Marcel Martinet was involved in avant-garde literary circles in France in the early part of the twentieth century and was later closely associated with the campaign against the first world war.

  • the King of karelia Book Cover

    The King of Karelia

    , , £12.99

    This book on the history of Karelia is in two parts. Nick Baron’s engaging study of Philip Woods’ life and times is followed by Woods’ own entertaining and historically important memoir of Britain’s ill-fated intervention in Karelia during the Russian civil war, published here for the first time.

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    John Clare and the folk tradition

    , , £15.00
    Contains nearly 300 tunes

    The nearly 300 tunes transcribed in this book give us a unique view into the disappearing pre-industrial culture of the early nineteenth century.

  • Enterprising Women Book Cover

    Enterprising Women

    , , £25.00

    The story of a group of women around the Garrett family, who in the second half of the nineteenth century and the early years of the twentieth changed the position of women in Britain forever.

  • Cornubia's Son Book COver

    Cornubia’s Son

    , £12.99

    Mark Guy Pearse (1842–1930) was a Cornish Methodist preacher, lecturer and author who, during the last quarter of the 19th century and the first of the 20th, was a household name throughout Britain and beyond.

  • Silvanus Trevail Book Cover

    Silvanus Trevail

    , , £20.00

    This biography is the first to evaluate Trevail’s remarkable life and achievements, with over 150 colour illustrations of his buildings and a comprehensive catalogue of all his projects.