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The series introduces the reader to the extraordinary diversity of European writing and thought through a unique collection of anthologies of poetry and prose from the earliest times to the present day, accompanied by English translations and commentaries. The books are aimed at the general reader as well as students and those with an interest in languages. Languages we have covered so far include Breton, Esperanto, Frisian, Galician, Maltese, Manx, Norman, Occitan and Welsh.

  • The Old Red Tongue – Welsh Anthology
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    The Old Red Tongue

    , , £30.00

    A major bilingual anthology of Welsh literature including over 300 texts – poems, plays, memoirs, essays, extracts from novels and short stories, hymns, eulogies, elegies, medieval prose, political and theological commentaries

  • Swallows and Floating Horses Frisian Book

    Swallows and Floating Horses

    , , £16.99

    A comprehensive bilingual anthology of Frisian literature, including nearly a hundred and fifty poems in Frisian with translations into English.

  • Grains of Gold, Occitan Book

    Grains of Gold

    , , £30.00

    Grains of Gold brings together for the first time an extensive selection of Occitan literature with English translations from the tenth to the twenty-first centuries.

  • This Fair land - An Anthology of Maltese Literature

    This Fair Land

    , , £25.00
    With a foreword by Oliver Friggieri

    This Fair Land is a comprehensive collection of around 200 texts in Maltese accompanied by new translations into English.

  • Star in a Night Sky Esperanto Book Cover

    Star in a Night Sky

    , , £19.99

    In its 125-year history the international language Esperanto has produced some remarkable writing. Much of this has remained unknown to the English-speaking world: translations were few and to be found, in the main, in Esperanto periodicals. Now, for the first time, in Star in a Night Sky, some of these translations appear in a single volume.

  • The Toad and the Donkey Book Cover

    The Toad and the Donkey

    , , £19.99
    With a preface by E. Winston Le Brun

    The Toad and the Donkey brings together texts in the Norman languages of the Channel Islands, along with other texts that illustrate the tangled linguistic heritages of what Victor Hugo, in exile in the Islands from 1852 until 1870, called ‘pieces of France fallen into the sea and picked up by England’.

  • Breogan's Lighthouse

    Breogán’s Lighthouse

    , , , £25.00

    With A Short Introduction to Galician Literature by Luciano Rodríguez Gómez and an essay, The Galician Language: An Unfinished Task, by Manuel González González.

  • Manannan's Cloak – an Anthology of Manx Literature

    Manannan’s Cloak

    , , £16.99

    A bilingual anthology of Manx literature, from the earliest Manx writings to the present day, along with their English translations.

  • The Turn of the Ermine Book Cover

    The Turn of the Ermine

    , , £20.00

    An overall picture of Breton literature from the earliest traces in the Lais of Marie de France to the present day. The majority of the 150 stories, poems, legends and reminiscences are in Breton, with parallel translations into English.