Book launch for literature in Galician, Catalan and Esperanto

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We are committed to publishing texts in lesser-used and regional European languages. Our plan is to celebrate the amazing diversity of languages and cultures in Europe and to give writers in those languages a wider audience in a series of attractively produced bilingual books.

Poet Mick Paynter reads a poem in Cornish from his collection A Worm's Folly 'My yw genys yn kres an mor’, a homage to Breton poet, Yann Per Kalloc’h.

In the near future – to join our titles in Galician, Faroese, Occitan, Sami, Maltese, Catalan, Norman, Manx, Cornish, Romani, Welsh and Scottish Gaelic – we hope to publish books in:

  • Latgalian (Latvia)
  • Gallo (France)
  • Arpitan (France)
  • Samogitian (Lithuania)
  • Võro (Estonia)
  • Yiddish

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Titles from the Lesser Used Languages of Europe series of anthologies