Translated Fiction

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  • Cover of A Time to Split by Sèrgi Javaloyès

    Time to Split (L’òra de partir) is now a classic of modern Occitan prose. Since its first publication in 1997, it has won the Prèmi Joan Bodon (1998) and been translated into French and Catalan.

  • Front cover of The Ends of Stories by Jean-Pierre Orban


    Vera’s tragic story, so closely intertwined with the bigger history of the twentieth century makes The Ends of Stories one of the most compelling European contemporary explorations of identity.

  • Front cover of The Passion according to Renée Vivien by Maria-Mercè Marçal

    Contains the most beautiful prose I’ve ever read in Catalan

    Anna Murià, novelist and translator

  • All That We Hide

    Aleko Shugladze’s novel is a complex mixture of autobiography, crime, drama and comedy that creates a mesmerising and mysterious story of what we hide and what we choose to reveal.

    All That We Hide is a bestselling novel in Georgia and has been translated into English and German.

  • Front cover of Home is like a different time by Eva Moreda

    Home is like a different time, first published in Galician in 2011, is widely regarded as one of the most significant novels to engage with Galicia’s centuries-long history of emigration.

  • The November Boy

    Manciet’s spare, harrowing, yet profoundly lyrical tale of sickness, selfhood and longing translated here for the first time into English by James Thomas

  • Josafat Book Cover

    A first English translation of a classic of Catalan modernism. From its first publication in 1906 this story of the sacrilegious love between Josafat, the bell-ringer and caretaker of Girona Cathedral, and Fineta, the prostitute, has shocked and enthralled generations of Catalan readers. It eventually led to its author and family being hounded out of Girona.