A’ Ruith Eadar Dà Dhràgon

Running Between Two Dragons / Corrent Entre Dos Dracs / Rhedeg Rhwng Dwy Ddraig

By Màrtainn Mac an t-Saoir / Martin MacIntyre

Translated by Ifor ap Glyn and Noèlia Díaz-Vicedo

In this unique, award-winning collection, Màrtainn Mac an t-Saoir leads us on a compelling, lyrical and closely-observed journey to Catalonia, Wales and Mallorca. The time-span, 2019–20, tells of a world and ways of living poised to change overnight.


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Màrtainn’s acute sensitivity captures aspects of this evolving health crisis and much more – climate, landscape, politics, language, culture, leisure, friendship, love and family.

These fifty-two evocative, tightly-crafted, poems in Gaelic and English sit comfortably and communicate openly with their Catalan and Welsh renderings. The attention, skill and poetic sensibilities of Noèlia Díaz-Vicedo and Ifor ap Glyn made that possible.

‘A’ Ruith Eadar Dà Dhràgon’ is a first for Scottish literature!

‘Cha chanainn gu bheil aon dàn anns a’ chruinneachadh anns nach eil doimhneachd mhòr no bheag agus am modh-cainnt nàdarrach agus ealanta. Tour de force gun teagamh sam bith. ’S fhiach a leughadh.’ – Maoilios Caimbeul
‘Aquest és un cant a la unió de la terra, la llengua i la cultura a través de la condició humana i les accions de la quotidianitat…’ –Noèlia Díaz-Vicedo
‘Mae Mac an t-Saoir (sef ‘mab y saer’) yn driw i’w enw – mae gofal crefftwr o’r iawn ryw yn saerniaeth ei gerddi.’ –Ifor ap Glyn
‘… evokes bardic storytelling or the crafted thoughts shared in the late hours of a social gathering… a wonderfully accomplished book of poetry’ –Niall Campbell

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ISBN978 1 7394256 9 2
Number of pages267

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