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  • Worthless Men Book Cover
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    Introduction by Clive Emsley

    This book looks at the attitudes of the British Army to race and physical and mental fitness in relation to the death penalty during the First World War.

  • Death Sentences Revised Edition Cover
    Revised Edition

    This book makes available information relating to more than 3,000 soldiers and civilians sentenced to death by military courts of the British Army during the First World War and its aftermath.

  • British Army Mutineers

    In a series of narratives, this book describes in detail a number of mutinies and protests that took place in Britain, France and India.

  • The Persistent Prison
    with a foreword by Martin Narey

    The essays in this book range widely over issues such as the best means of dealing with offenders, alternatives to prison, what kinds of individuals are incarcerated and for what offences.

  • Giving the Past a Future attempts to explain why criminal justice history needs to be preserved and gives case studies of successful projects to preserve old police and prison documents.

  • Conflict and Legality, Policing mid-twentieth Century Europe

    This important collection of essays by noted European historians examines the history of policing in Britain, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands

  • Clandestine marriages Volume 1
    With an introduction by John Titford

    This volume is the first in a series of transcriptions of the registers of clandestine marriages which took place in and around the Fleet Prison in London between 1680 and 1754.

  • Marcel Martinet poet of the Revolution

    Marcel Martinet was involved in avant-garde literary circles in France in the early part of the twentieth century and was later closely associated with the campaign against the first world war.

  • the King of karelia Book Cover

    This book on the history of Karelia is in two parts. Nick Baron’s engaging study of Philip Woods’ life and times is followed by Woods’ own entertaining and historically important memoir of Britain’s ill-fated intervention in Karelia during the Russian civil war, published here for the first time.

  • Enterprising Women Book Cover

    The story of a group of women around the Garrett family, who in the second half of the nineteenth century and the early years of the twentieth changed the position of women in Britain forever.

  • Firefighters in art and media book cover
    This edition is limited to 1,000 copies


  • Berkeley Protest Posters Book Covers
    with an introductory essay by Barry Miles

    4973: Berkeley Protest Posters 1970 reproduces a collection of 136 handmade posters, mostly silkscreened on recycled computer paper, produced by students in the Political Poster Workshop in Berkeley, University of California, to protest against America’s war in Vietnam and the decision of the Nixon administration to take the war into Cambodia. The numbers 4973 in the title were thought to protect the posters from being removed by the Berkeley Police Department.