Military History

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  • Murder, Mutiny and the Military

    Murder, Mutiny and the Military

    , £15.99

    Gerry Rubin describes and analyses over twenty court martial cases involving British and colonial forces between 1940 and 1966.

  • Worthless Men Book Cover
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    Worthless Men

    , , £10.00
    Introduction by Clive Emsley

    This book looks at the attitudes of the British Army to race and physical and mental fitness in relation to the death penalty during the First World War.

  • Death Sentences Revised Edition Cover

    Death Sentences

    , , £20.00
    Revised Edition

    This book makes available information relating to more than 3,000 soldiers and civilians sentenced to death by military courts of the British Army during the First World War and its aftermath.

  • British Army Mutineers

    British Army mutineers

    , £12.50

    In a series of narratives, this book describes in detail a number of mutinies and protests that took place in Britain, France and India.