Journeyman – The Art of Steve Dilworth [Hardback]

Limited hardback edition

By Georgina Coburn

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The first comprehensive investigation of the life and work of this important groundbreaking artist


Photo of hands holding Steve Dillworth sculpture Meditation Stone Calm Water

“When I began my research in 2014, I wanted to answer the question of what makes a Dilworth? His work is powerful and its effect on many people, lasting and profound. In Dilworth’s objects, as so often in life, what is most valuable is hidden inside. His art holds nature close, in ways our global consumer culture has too long discarded. I think what Dilworth’s art connects us to has increasing urgency. The intention behind it and the way that his work is integrated into peoples’ lives is unlike anything else in contemporary art. Dilworth’s work is a living example of why art matters and acknowledgement of his importance in the history of Art is long overdue. My intention is to shine a light on his uncompromising, visionary work, opening up a wider conversation about the value of art outside the art world.”

Georgina Coburn, art historian and author of Journeyman – The Art of Steve Dilworth


Georgina Coburn’s book Journeyman – The Art of Steve Dilworth is the first comprehensive investigation of the life and work of this important groundbreaking artist. Based on five years research and extensive interviews, the story of Dilworth and the evolution of his remarkable work is examined in detail, revealing one of the country’s most innovative and globally significant artists.

Since the 1970s, Steve Dilworth has been redefining sculpture in his approach to making objects and the handling of natural found materials. His extraordinary work crosses many boundaries in terms of how we think about sculpture, art objects, and our relationship with the natural world.

Dilworth’s work has featured in various publications, television programmes and films, including Robert Macfarlane’s book The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot and the documentary Is Mise an Teanga / I Am the Tongue directed by Murray Grigor.

Recent exhibitions include a major solo exhibition entitled Mortal Remains at An Lanntair Arts Centre, Stornoway, and Off the Rock at the Pangolin London Gallery.

Journeyman – The Art of Steve Dilworth contains over 100 illustrations in colour and black and white.

This is the limited hardback edition. A paperback edition is available here.


Georgina Coburn has been an arts writer for over 20 years. Originally from Perth, Western Australia, she lived in Canada, the UK and Ireland before settling in the Highlands of Scotland in 2000.

Georgina’s work as an art historian, arts writer and critic has consistently highlighted artists forging their own path in the disciplines of Visual Art, Film and Photography. In 2014 she established her arts blog and has worked with numerous galleries, magazines, and journals.

In 2014 Georgina began researching the work of sculptor Steve Dilworth. Journeyman – The Art of Steve Dilworth is her first full length work of non-fiction.


Calm Water Stone photo: Tony Davidson




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