Portrait of Valts Ernštreits, Livonian and Latvian poet

Valts Ernštreits

Valts Ernštreits was born in Rīga in 1974, though his grandparents came from the Livonian village of Pizā (Miķeļtornis) and his ancestry goes back to the first Livonian poet Jāņ Prints. Ernštreits writes poetry in both Livonian and Latvian. He has published two collections in Latvian and edited several collections of Livonian poetry. He works as a linguist, translator, and interpreter and is actively involved in the revitalization of Livonian language and culture. This is his first collection of Livonian poetry published in a bilingual edition.

  • Front cover image of People Like Us, Poems in Livonian by Valts Ernštreits

    In People Like Us you will wander through Latvia meeting Livonian characters as they struggle with the burdens and responsibilities of their language and heritage. You will explore ancient lands and lands yet to be discovered.