Portrait of Sissal Kampmann

Sissal Kampmann

Sissal Kampmann is a Faroese poet who grew up in Vestmanna in the Faroe Islands. After finishing the Faroese University-preparatory school (in Faroese called Studentaskúli, in Danish: Gymnasium) in Tórshavn, she moved to Denmark to study Nordic literature at the University of Copenhagen.

She published her first poetry collection in 2011, while living in Copenhagen. The poems were written in Faroese and were published by the Faroese-owned Forlaget Eksil. In September 2012 she received the Klaus Rifbjerg’s Debutant Prize.

  • Darkening Myrking Front Cover

    The first-ever bilingual Faroese–English publication of a work of Faroese literature. In the Faroese ballad tradition of wandering narratives, award-winning Faroese author Sissal Kampmann tells stories distilled into poetry.