Paul Gubbins

Paul Gubbins

Paul Gubbins used Esperanto for over a quarter of a century. He was the writer of two Esperanto textbooks, as well as the script for the 15-lesson DVD-series Pasporto al la tuta mondo (Passport to the Whole World), and taught the language both in Europe and in North America. He was a member of the Academy of Esperanto and the Literature Academy of Esperanto and was editor-in-chief of the Esperanto news magazine Monato (Month). He taught journalism at Staffordshire University in the United Kingdom.

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    In its 125-year history the international language Esperanto has produced some remarkable writing. Much of this has remained unknown to the English-speaking world: translations were few and to be found, in the main, in Esperanto periodicals. Now, for the first time, in Star in a Night Sky, some of these translations appear in a single volume.