Portrait of Catalan poet Màrius Torres

Màrius Torres

Màrius Torres (Lleida, 1910 – Sant Quirze Safaja, 1942). A medical doctor and modern writer in the tradition of William Carlos Williams and Gottfried Benn. Poet, fiction writer, playwright, journalist, essayist, translator and composer. His work was published after his early death. The standard collected edition contains poems from 1933 to 1941. He is now recognized as a major Catalan and European poet leading the way from symbolism to post-symbolism. His work has been translated into Spanish, English, Romanian, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and German.

  • Cover of Parallel Rivers Selected Poems by Màrius Torres

    This is joy – to be a bird, passing through the sky where a storm left forceful peace.

    This is death – to close your eyes, to hear the silence as when the music begins.