David King, Designer

David King

David King (30 April 1943 – 11 May 2016) was a British writer, designer and historian of graphic design who, in the course of his research, assembled one of the largest collections of Soviet graphics and photographs.[1] From this collection, he created a series of revelatory books unfolding the history of the Russian Revolution, and its associated art and propaganda. King developed a special interest in Leon Trotsky and the subsequent doctoring of revolutionary photos and records. Part of King’s collection is housed on the fourth floor of Tate Modern, London.

  • The Commissar Vanishes Book Cover
    New edition, enlarged and revised including 118 new images

    Sinister, tragic and often farcical, the images reproduced in this book draw the reader into a world of political surrealism that offers a harsh warning from the past about what is still happening in the present.