Portrait of Cyril Pearce, author

Cyril Pearce

Cyril Pearce was born in Huddersfield and has lived and worked in Yorkshire for most of his life. He is a retired Leeds university lecturer and lives with his wife Heather in Golcar. He is the author of the Pearce Register of British Conscientious Objectors which is available free online through the Imperial War Museum’s Lives of the First World War website. His book Communities of resistance: Patterns of dissent in Britain during the First World War was published in 2015 by Francis Boutle.

  • Front cover of Communities of Resistance Conscience and Dissent in Britain during the First World War by Cyril Pearce

    ‘an astonishing piece of scholarship… fascinating’ – Bruce Kent

    Cyril Pearce’s long-awaited study of resistance to the First World War in communities in England, Scotland and Wales.

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  • Comrades in Conscience book Cover

    Comrades in Conscience is a groundbreaking study of opposition to the First World War in one locality – Huddersfield – where a unique consensus of Nonconformist Liberals and a vigorous labour and socialist movement earned it the reputation of being ‘a hotbed of pacifism’.

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