Aleko Shugladze

Aleko Shugladze

Aleko Shugladze was born in Tbilisi in 1965. He is a film director, performance artist, director and scriptwriter. He started writing in 1989 and won his first literary prize for the story ‘Answers for a Magazine with a Small Print Run’. After a 15-year absence from the literary scene, he came back with his autobiographical novel All That We Hide, a bestseller and winner of the SABA award for best Georgian novel of 2016.

  • All That We Hide

    Aleko Shugladze’s novel is a complex mixture of autobiography, crime, drama and comedy that creates a mesmerising and mysterious story of what we hide and what we choose to reveal.

    All That We Hide is a bestselling novel in Georgia and has been translated into English and German.