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Martin Veiga January 18, 2019

Martin Veiga is a Cork-based Galician poet and academic. He is a lecturer in Hispanic Studies at University College Cork, where he is also the director of the Irish Centre for Galician Studies. In 2017 he was awarded the Pedrón de Honra Prize for his promotion of Galician culture abroad, especially in Ireland.

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María-Mercè Marçal September 27, 2018

(1952–1998) was a poet, feminist, political activist, essayist, translator and critic. Her collections of poetry include Cau de llunes (Den of Moons), which won the prestigious Carles Riba Prize for poetry in 1976, Bruixa de dol (The Mourning Witch), published in 1979, Sal oberta (Open Salt), Desglaç (Thawing) and Terra de Mai (The Neverland) published in 1982, which was the first description of lesbian love in Catalan literature.

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David Buckman

David Buckman has been a journalist and author for over 50 years, originally as a magazine staffer, but mainly as a freelance. He has written for numerous magazines and newspapers and made several hundred radio and television broadcasts.

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Julian Putkowski

Julian Putkowski is a British university teacher, military historian, researcher, and broadcaster. He has written extensively on military executions in World War I. Putkowski graduated from the University of Essex in 1976. He has since then been researching military discipline and dissent.

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Natalia Bukia-Peters

Natalia Bukia-Peters is a freelance translator, interpreter and teacher of Georgian and Russian. She is a translator for the Poetry Translation Centre in London and a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, and translates a variety of literature, poetry and magazine articles.

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Victor Serge

Victor Serge, born Victor Lvovich Kibalchich, was a Russian revolutionary and writer. Originally an anarchist, he joined the Bolsheviks five months after arriving in Petrograd in January 1919 and later worked for the Comintern as a journalist, editor and translator.

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