Permanent Revolution – Bill Jefferies September 24, 2018

Permanent Revolution – Bill Jefferies Labour History Review 08/2010 How British Intellectuals Viewed Stalin Paul Flewers is a member of the Revolutionary History editorial board and over the years has contributed numerous articles on different strands of the left and their understanding of the ex-USSR. He expresses a preference for Hillel Ticktin’s analysis of the class nature of the former Stalinist states, reflecting his years in the 1980s as a supporter of the Revolutionary Communist…

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Weekly Worker – Mike Belbin

Weekly Worker – Mike Belbin Labour History Review 08/2010 Fellow travellers of statism In this extensively researched book, Paul Flewers sets out to correct two misconceptions about how the USSR was seen and discussed in the west during the 1930s. This study, though, has implications beyond the detail of the period it covers: it is a contribution to our reckoning with the ways adopted to achieve socialism in the 20th century. Flewers confronts two myths…

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Labour History Review – Gary Daniels

Labour History Review – Gary Daniels Labour History Review 08/2010 The Soviet Union and British Spies In his thoroughly researched and detailed study, Flewers portrays the wide range of attitudes to the Soviet Union which existed in 1930s Britain. They ran from rightwing anti-Communism through scepticism and critical interest to fellow travelling and formal commitment by means of membership of the Communist Party (CP) and its front organizations such as the Friends of the Soviet…

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