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David Buckman July 11, 2018

How is it that one of the most innovative, commercially successful, and – in its time – hugely publicized British art groups of the twentieth century became neglected?  That was the case until my book From Bow to Biennale: Artists of the East London Group was published last month.  During the writing of it, whenever I mentioned the Group to experts in this period, the response was usually –  East London Group, just a name. My curiosity…

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Simon Tait

When David Buckman’s From Bow to Biennale, Artists of the East London Group was published in 2012 it was the result of nine years of research and shone a light on an unknown group of East End painters who briefly flourished for a decade across the twenties and thirties. They were amateurs, night school pupils of a messianic teacher called John Cooper. Their fame resounded briefly internationally, but then was forgotten. Buckman, a journalist by training and…

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