The Sounds of Love / Fuaimean Gràidh

Selected Poems / Dàin Taghta

By Niall O’Gallagher

Translated by Peter Mackay, Deborah Moffatt and others, with an introduction by Alan Titley

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These are poems of the senses – the music of the harp, love and life’s fruitfulness, visions of the city of Glasgow.


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“A poet for all seasons … a supreme love poet.”
– Alan Titley

“Gaelic poetry welcomes an exciting new (this time essentially urban) voice.”
– Aonghas MacNeacail

“As carefully crafted as the cloth on the Greek queen’s loom.”
– Anna Frater


Niall O’Gallagher is a Gaelic poet who writes vibrant, modern poetry using classical Gaelic and European forms.  This volume brings together poems from his first three collections in Gaelic, including his sonnets as Bàrd Baile Ghlaschu, (Glasgow Gaelic Poet Laureate) with English translations, for the first time.

Niall O’Gallagher is the author of three critically-acclaimed books of Gaelic poetry, Beatha Ùr (2013), Suain nan Trì Latha (2016) and Fo Bhlàth (2020). In 2019 he was named Bàrd Baile Ghlaschu, the city of Glasgow’s first Gaelic Poet Laureate.

Peter Mackay is a poet, translator and lecturer. He has two collections with Acair, Gu Leòr / Galore (2015) and Nàdar De / Some Kind Of (2020). Originally from the Isle of Lewis, he lives in Edinburgh and works in the School of English at the University of St Andrews.

Deborah Moffatt was born in Vermont, USA, and lives in Fife, Scotland. She has published three collections of poetry, Eating Thistles (Smokestack Books, 2019), Far From Home (Lapwing, 2004) and Dàin nan Dùil (Clàr, 2019). Her fiction has been published in anthologies from Bloomsbury, Faber, Virago, and HarperCollins.

Alan Titley is the author of novels, stories, fables, plays, poetry, essays and film scripts. He has also written for children and young people in Irish and in English and has translated into and out of both languages. He writes a weekly column on current and cultural affairs for The Irish Times and is Emeritus Professor of Modern Irish at University College Cork.



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