The Last Model Pādejais modeļs

Poems in Latgalian

By Ligija PurinašaRaibīs and Ingrida Tārauda

Translated by Jayde Will

The legacy of post-Soviet societies, the historical and contemporary status of women in the region, and visible influences from other literatures and cultures make Latgalian poetry a must-read for all interested in the art of poetry.


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The authors in this collection – Ligija Purinaša, Raibīs and Ingrida Tārauda – show the versatility, richness, and innovativeness of Latgalian poetry.

Latgalian is a language spoken by about 164,000 people in Latgale, a region in the south-east of Latvia. Its vibrant literary output has been recently rewarded with recognition from literary critics and several nominations at the yearly LALIGABA Awards, Latvia’s highest literary awards ceremony.



ISBN978 1 8380928 5 6
Number of pages100

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