The Highest Apple / An Ubhal as Àirde

An anthology of Scottish Gaelic Literature

Lesser Used Languages of Europe Series — Volume 9

Edited by Wilson McLeod and Michael Newton

This is the first comprehensive anthology of the Gaelic literature of Scotland, from the early Middle Ages to the present day.


The Highest Apple / An Ubhal as Àirde includes more than 200 texts from a wide range of genres of literature, including poems and songs of praise, devotion, love, work and war, folktales, medieval romances, short stories, novels and plays, from different corners of the Gaelic diaspora in addition to Scotland itself. English translations accompany the Scottish Gaelic originals. The volume also contextualises the position of Gaelic in Scotland across the ages with texts that reflect varying perceptions of the social role and significance of the language.



Number of pages800

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