The Dreamt Sea

an Anthology of Anglo-Cornish Poetry 1928-2004

Edited by Alan M .Kent

With a foreword by John Hurst

Following Alan Kent’s acclaimed anthology Voices from West Barbary, covering the years 1549 to 1928, the present collection brings his survey of Cornwall’s poetic tradition up to the present day.


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Changes in the political and economic climate in Cornwall – the decline of the traditional industries of fishing and mining, the rise of tourism and the influence of the mass media – make this anthology of Cornish poetry timely, as fifty writers, new talents as well as familiar names – Thomas Hardy, W.S. Graham, D.M. Thomas, John Betjeman, Hugh MacDiarmid, A.L. Rowse, Charles Causley, Jack Clemo, Tim Saunders, Anne Treneer, Bill Headdon, Frank Ruhrmund and Alan M. Kent himself – tackle themes ranging from Methodism to neo-Paganism, the landscape, emigration, Cornish identity and language and the artistic inheritance of the St Ives school. The Dreamt Sea is essential for anyone interested in literary Cornwall in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Charles Causley wrote of Voices from West Barbary: ‘A valuable piece of scholarship wonderfully well-done… a genuine contribution to the literature of Cornwall… irresistible!’




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