On the Other Side is March

By Sólrún Michelsen

Translated by Marita Thomsen from Faroese

On the Other Side is March is a lyrical tapestry of a daughter visiting and revisiting her mother as she recedes into memories lost and found


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Steeped in the rich imagery of a land of storms and ocean horizons, On the Other Side is March is a lyrical tapestry of a daughter visiting and revisiting her mother as she recedes into memories lost and found. Past and present, fantasy and commonplace weave a tender account of dementia and its impact on bonds and roles. Shimmering with dark wit and wisdom, these musings navigate the expectations and the eternal repetitions that frame the lives of women everywhere.

On the Other Side was originally published in Faroese as Hinumegin er Mars.

This is the first novel by a Faroese woman author to be published in English


Sólrún Michelsen was born in Tórshavn. She is a best-selling, prolific and generous author whose creativity embraces every generation with poetry, short stories and novels for both adults and children.

She won the Faroese Children’s Literature Award in 2002, the M.A. Jacobsen Culture Prize for fiction in 2008 and On the Other Side is March was nominated to the Nordic Council Literature Prize in 2017.

Her most recent works are a sweeping historic trilogy narrating women’s lives in the Faroe Islands. It starts at the close of the 19th century.

A dreamer at heart, Sólrún spends the Arctic Faroese summers gardening


In childhood Marita Thomsen fell hopelessly in love with stories and never sought a cure. Growing up in the Faroe Islands she learned languages to unlock new narratives and later found a calling in building bridges between worlds, or translation as it is often called. Her English renditions of award-winning Faroese and Spanish authors ranges from poetry to children’s books. Marita lives in Keele, the Potteries, with her family.



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