A Speech of Birds


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A Speech of Birds brings together poems of place and time, tracing the course of a calendar year with its epiphanies and losses.



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These are luminous poems invoking light and landscape, darkness and depth. This collection gathers work from many different publications and especially from poems published in Quadrant under the editorship of Les Murray who championed Victoria’s writing in Australia. The perennial and creative tension between the local and the global permeates these poems.

The Author

Victoria Field was born in London in 1963 and has lived and worked in Turkey, Russia, Pakistan and Cornwall. She is the author of three previous poetry collections, the most recent, the recipient of the Holyer an Gof Award for Poetry and Drama. Her memoir of pilgrimage and marriage, Baggage: A Book of Leavings was published in 2016. She is a trained poetry therapist and was described by Poetry Review as one of the UK’s pioneers in writing and healing and has co-edited three books on therapeutic writing.


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