Noèlia Díaz Vicedo

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Noèlia Díaz Vicedo

  • Front cover of Witch in Mourning Bruixa de dol by Maria-Mercè Marçal

    With an introduction by Noèlia Díaz Vicedo

  • Bloody Roots – Book Front Cover

    A collection of poems that engage with the Western poetic tradition from a feminist perspective and explore the challenges a woman faces when she writes poetry, published in Catalan with English translations.

  • The Body's Reason – Poems in Catalan

    The Body’ Reason is the first book by Catalan poet Mari-Mercè Marçal to be translated into English. She is a key figure in Catalan poetry of the post-Franco era, who was actively engaged in the transition to democracy and the emergence of a feminist movement in Spain. Hers is a uniquely challenging voice expressing a distinctive Catalan gendered perspective.