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Books written in Cornish laguage, Anglo-Cornish and Cornish dialect. See also our more general Cornish category which includes books written in English.

  • Thus Es Et Book Cover

    Thus Es Et

    , , £12.99

    Thus Es Et includes dialect writing from authors, playwrights, poets, storytellers, mimics, performers, and recorders from the late 18th century to the present day. The impressive list of contributors emphasises the importance of Cornish dialect and the need to preserve it for future generations.

  • A Worm's Folly Book Cover

    A Worm’s Folly

    , , £8.99

    A Worm’s Folly is the fullest collection of poetry in the Cornish language to date by Mick Paynter, whose Bardic name,  Skogynn Pryv – Worm’s Fool – gives the book its title. Paynter writes in a variety of forms – touching and humorous, polemical and angry – and with a deep affection for Cornwall and the Cornish language. The poems are accompanied by parallel translations into English. Also included in the collection are a number of translations into Cornish from other sources – English, Yiddish and Breton poems, Blues songs – showing the versatility of the language.

  • Voices from West barbury

    Voices from West Barbary

    , , , £10.00
    Foreword by Bernard Deacon

    This anthology brings together for the first time in one collection the riches of Anglo-Cornish poetry from the Renaissance to the the twentieth century.

  • The Wheel Book Cover

    The Wheel

    , , , £10.00
    With a history of the Cornish revival by Amy Hale
    Foreword by Bobi Jones

    Tim Saunders has gathered together more than a hundred poems from a variety of sources – magazines, books and manuscripts – to give us the first ever survey of poetry in the Cornish language from 1850 until 1980.

  • The High Tide Book Cover

    The High Tide

    , , , £10.00

    This collection contains most of Tim Saunders’ poetry in Cornish to date. The poems are accompanied by the author’s own prose translations into English.